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The court would have said the same of a Hindu school that gave preference to members of certain castes or of a German school that gave preference to children of “German blood.”

So much so, to give you one example, that in the great province of Madras, when the Montagu report was put into operation, it was thought necessary to protect the other Hindu castes from the monopoly which the Brahmins might otherwise secure, and so they actually enacted that 28 seats in the Madras legislature must be filled by Hindu members who were not Brahmins.

Laloo’s main message to the backward castes is that they must retain the voice and dignity that they have got all these years by consolidating power under his leadership.

Others hold that the idea of castes is fundamentally opposed to that of class.

But it was surekha, who tilled her farm and fought for regaining the hold over a portion grabbed by the upper castes, which is a decisive political force in this part.

Composed of half-castes, that is to say, of individuals whose diverse heredities have dissociated their ancestral characteristics, these populations have no national soul and therefore no stability.

It states however that they should not be performed by the first three castes, which is perhaps a way of saying that though they may be performed by non-Aryans under Brahmanic auspices they form no part of the Aryan religion.

In the Central Provinces the 250 groups which have been classified as castes contain perhaps 2000 subcastes.

Moreover, it has recently gathered its recruits mainly from the educated classes, among whom the higher castes largely prevail; nearly four-fifths of the Aryas are said to be of the twice-born castes, which is a very significant fact.

The Gentoo people, from the oldest time, have been distributed into various orders, all of them hereditary: these family orders are called castes; these castes are the fundamental part of the constitution of the Gentoo commonwealth, both in their church and in their state.

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