Carts in a sentence

Sentence with the word Carts

Trains of wheelbarrows, heavily loaded, squeaked by, and Pekin carts, drawn by from four to six cows, horses, mules, ponies, or jackasses — cows even with their new-born calves tottering along on puny legs outside the traces.

Local harvests are wheeled through the streets in carts or wheel barrows.

Balakian sees his countrymen sent in carts, on donkeys, or on foot to face certain death in the desert of northern Syria.

Golf carts from a staging area to the steps near to a place of honor at the inauguration is a great idea.

Having more short-term carts/trucks like La Cense, Dessert Truck or the Bon Appetit Pop Up Cafe livens up what can be a repetitive lunch options.

He is the guy who collects the carts from the driveway or carries groceries out.

Also, I heard a rumor that the white sauce at carts is simply mayo and water.

Moreover, the lawn tractors have had their cutting decks removed, privatized numbers painted on the side, and some of them take passengers, who sit somewhat idly, like smiling hay bales, in carts towed behind.

Lexmark asserts that reverse-engineering the signing key in its toner carts is circumventing the "DRM" it uses to control access to its copyrighted printer OS, and that no one should be able to make interoperable cartridges except Lexmark.

"As club pros we play all of our tournaments in carts, so I haven't been disciplined enough like I should," he said.

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    • wagon, carriage, basket, mule, boat
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