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Sentence with the word CWT

This legally mandated "floor price" should be at least $17.50 per cwt (a cwt is the standard measure for milk producers).

This "cwt" is not 100 pounds but 112 pounds, one twentieth of the English ton (our long ton) of 2,240 pounds.

Most standard sizes of steel coils and cut sheets are sold by weight, typically the price is quoted per hundredweight (which is 100 pounds and abbreviated as "cwt").

How often do you see proper abbreviations, like cwt, these days?

It tells us that in two different things – 1 quarter of corn and x cwt. of iron, there exists in equal quantities something common to both.

For commercial vehicle cognescenti the van pictured is the 5/6 cwt 10hp 4 cylinder version, costing £140 plus £15 tax (in primer).

Nebraska Direct Choice Steer price by $7.15 per hundredweight (cwt) when the farm elasticity of demand for cattle also is considered, representing an $89.38 loss to cattle feeders for each fed steer sold.

We were forced to leave at Pisania about five cwt. of rice, not having a sufficient number of asses to carry it.

Yesterday we saved three cwt. of tomatoes for winter use, and about two tons of squash and pumpkin for the cattle, two of the former weighing 140 lbs.

A lot of twenty-one, short eight cwt., sold to Weeks at $80.

charlie: dammmn milo your sis is maaad hotttt milo: ew cwt bro

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