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I also found that burning Styrofoam containers emits styrene, benzene, benzaldehyde, formaldehyde, plus various poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

Their equipment was faulty when they attempted to react ethylene and benzaldehyde under high pressure.

Amygdalin + water = glucose + benzaldehyde + cyanide

Computational chemistry research on benzaldehyde molecule and gallium pentahydride.

And if there was a faint aroma of a con mixed with the benzaldehyde, so what?

The seeds of citrus, stone, and pome fruits generate cyanide, and stone-fruit seeds are prized because their cyanogens also produce benzaldehyde, the characteristic odor of almond extract p.

• From the self-digested bean, almond and dairy and flowery notes benzaldehyde; diacetyl and methyl ketones; linalool

Their aroma varies from kind to kind, but generally includes almondy benzaldehyde, flowery linalool, peachy lactones, and spicy methyl cinnamate.

Cherry flavor comes mainly from almondy benzaldehyde, a flowery terpene (linalool), and essence of clove (eugenol).

But it turns out that one by-product of cyanide production is benzaldehyde, a volatile molecule that is the essence of wild almond flavor, and that contributes to the aromas of cherry, apricot, plum, and peach.

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