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Sentence with the word Beehive

The herbs and lettuces were harvested from the White House Kitchen Garden started by Michelle Obama, and honey from the White House beehive is being used to poach the dessert pears.

Good job Scott, the beehive is buzzing all over the place now.

What is the mathematical, fractal relationship between shapes found in beehive honeycombs, a pineapple, tesselating hexagons, and African-American hair braiding?

Up until a couple of overs ago, Johnson's TV 'beehive' - the graphic which shows the direction of his deliveries - resembled the firing range target of a meth drinker.

The world's first circular control tower, known as the beehive, was built.

CPC isn't exactly known as a beehive of activity, but it has a healthy framework.

Bob knew from his research that the beehive was a key Masonic symbol for industriousness.8 He surmised that the Florence coke ovens were KGC-Masonic in origin.

Like to a beehive was the house of Mary and Martha.

Being industrious and hardworking is highly prized in Mormon culture the beehive is a symbol of the church, and for devout women, cooking provides a real sense of identity and daily purpose.

"What we need to do is ensure that government behavior isn't putting upward pressure on interest or exchange rates," English said in the interview in his office, in a wing of the New Zealand parliament known as the beehive for its appearance.

I hate Erin, she is such a beehive!" "Did you hear about how fake Kelsey is? What a beehive!" "Josie is such a little beehive

Did you hear the new Beehive CD?

Oh eww have you checked out that girls beehive,its huuuuge

while doing the prostitute in the anus i gave her a good ol' american Beehive!

I heard that the Beehive is planning to raise GST to 15%.I preferred Aunty Helen in the Beehive.

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