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These residents by the way were migrants from the countryside working in bangkok.

January 18th, 2010 at 8: 39 am iguidebangkok says: bangkok map This comment has been voted down

Arianna Huffington is one hot MILF/GILF. bangkok not to kill any of the excitement behind this but, does this movie sounds exactly like the premise of southland tales to anyone else?

I am from Comoros and learning to read in English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Hong kong with chawla travel, bangkok, thailand we offer cheap airtickets for economy class, business class and first class with any airline and to any destination.”

January 14th, 2010 at 4:27 pm bangkok, Mandolin and windtallkers was realy good films and you gibbis12 are retard

Ai haz oanlee herd teh sawng, “wun niet in bangkok” adn ai lurves it…speshully wen hi sez, “Ai getz mai kiks abub teh waseline, sunshien!”

Man who drop watch in toilet, bound to have shitty time. man who walks sideways through airport door is going to bangkok. kotex is not the best thing on earth, but is next to best thing

I just subscribed to your blog this morning and started reading it just now (its 1700hrs here in bangkok, thailand now).

Ok, time to get back to getting somewhere in life! bangkok next

To reach bangkok City Centre pre-paid taxis are available and taxi vouchers can be bought at the Thai airways counter. metered taxis are also available at the Departures building.

Let's go to Bangkok.

Billy: "Hey Thomas, what's the Capital of Thailand?" Thomas: "Uh, I'm not sure..." Billy: "Bangkok!" (

a) The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. (why "bangkok?) b) Damn, i had a wild trip to bangkok last night.

see trip to thailand

I spent one night in Bangkok in 1985, 18 years later, I bought a ocean-front home down there.

Guy 1 : He man, What's the capital of Thailand? Guy 2 : Bangkok? Guy 1 then kicks guy 2 in the balls Guy 1 : (laughing) Bangkok, get it, Bang Cock! Guy 2 : Oh my sack!!!

Hey look ,That man is walking sideways through the airport terminal ...he must be going to bangkok.

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