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Viewers do get inside info, such as the meaning of "IFB" — Virgin attendants 'shorthand for "in-flight boyfriend," a cute guy they scope out to make time fly and who may get extra attention.

She began to surround herself with attendants from the Hungarian aristocracy, insisting that they only speak Hungarian to her.

Mattresses were brought up from the cellars and pitched all over the corridors: meals consisted of sandwiches and Victory Coffee wheeled round on trolleys by attendants from the canteen.

Networking: Finalist companies will present their business to a notorious Jury during the Gate2Growth Summit in Berlin on 13 December 2005, 300 attendants from the Industry

Are you old enough to remember when "cabin attendants" were called stewardesses?

How many people are there in line, and which of the attendants is working.

She was suffering from major ills and lay back on the floor, wheezing in the day's heat, but when she heard Kelolo's ominous report she called her attendants and with real effort rose and dressed.

Jeannie, with her 'child of miracle' and its two attendants, is still expected tomorrow, and I have fixed my departure for Thursday, which is as much giving in to family proprieties as could reasonably be expected of me.

As the fumes of the liquor still further disordered his reason, he called his attendants and bade them hasten to his sister Quetzalpetlatl, who dwelt on the Mountain Nonoalco, and bring her, that she too might taste the divine liquor.

Law, with its authority and proper attendants, is the grand characteristic of civil society, whatever may be the special form or agency thereof.

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