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Once a favorite pirate hangout this old fishing port in Aquitaine's Basque Country continues to charm with its tiny narrow, winding streets and picturesque harbor.

His second and third sons were brought up in Aquitaine, and imbued with its poetical spirit; and the House of Anjou entirely overshadowed that of Capet.

This month, the French government agreed to enforce the original ban after campaigners revealed that an estimated 30,000 birds were still being poached each year in Aquitaine.

And these things -- for example, the role of ELF-Aquitaine, which is a partly-owned French company, is now under investigation judicially in France because of all the payoffs and so on that are involved.

Goths who occupied the country called Aquitaine lying south of the

When peace was finally made between England and France, after the wars described in the last chapter were over, one of the results of the treaty which was made was that certain provinces in the southwestern part of France were ceded to England, and formed into a principality called Aquitaine, and this principality was placed under the dominion of the Black Prince.

Undoubtedly most famous worldwide for its legendary wines, Bordeaux is the capital of the region known as Aquitaine and is a major cultural centre and a transportation hub between southern France and Spain. "

Under Henry II, king of England but also Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, among a host of other titles, French acquired prestige among English-speakers in much the way that Global English has among native speakers of so many languages today.

It is amazing to know that the same side on which I am related to FDR, the husband of my second great-grand aunt Sophia Delano Luce, in a line that goes back to my eleventh great-grandfather Jean De Lannoy, born in Aquitaine, France in 1511.

THE HIERARCHY Wine has been made in Bordeaux since the time of the Romans, although it was an exclusively domestic product for the first 1,000-plus years, until Henry II of England married Eleanor of Aquitaine and exports of Bordeaux to England began.

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