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ESPN's Erin Andrews is going to have a feature on Nosal for "College Gameday" this week and a Virginia Tech official told me they provided her with a five-second clip that shows Nosal walking to the locker room with Goforth holding his arm in one hand and a small plastic bag containing his chunk in another.

A little background: Erin Andrews is often not taken seriously by other journalists.

I can say that the book by Ilona Andrews is absolutely GOLD.

Ilona: Ilona Andrews is an international woman of mystery.

Magic Bites author Ilona Andrews is answering questions over at the RT Forum, so go pester her, ask her any questions you have about the Kate Daniels 'books!

One thing I love about Toni Andrews is her passion about writing and her fans.

On last night's premiere episode of TLC tailgate cooking show Kick Off Cook Off -- inexplicably hosted by a food-refusing Erin Andrews -- the judges invited a contestant to eat her own food.

ESPN's Erin Andrews was on the Hill this morning, promoting anti-stalking laws.

Erin Andrews says on an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that she's "excited to get back to work" and feels "like it's really going to heal my wounds."

Sideline reporter Erin Andrews will now work ESPN's Saturday prime time games, and continue on its Thursday night games.

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