Andrea in a sentence

Sentence with the word Andrea

RUSTY YATES, ANDREA YATES'S HUSBAND: Do you really think that we would support Andrea if we believed anything other than she was psychotic on that day?

The doctor had seemed truly disturbed, so without another word Andrea began to walk alongside her.

Andrea is from that department too: Well, not really.

Andrea is confused: Since when is reading a form of media?

How I would relate to this to the way we think about children and pregnancy, Andrea, is that the art we produce is quite indicative of the culture that supports that art.

For no reason at all, Brigitte would like to point out that Andrea is one heck of a fact-checker.

The Andrea is perfect for the office space and will be shown off to everyone.

Andrea is the name of a good friend who lifted my heart and opened my eyes to numerious opportunities that I never realized.

Andrea is feeling the pressure with all the Nano preparation she has to do.

Andrea is beginning to wish Christmas was over already.

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