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But for the millions of people who find themselves below the poverty line and the millions more who are the working poor, their starting point for the American dream leaves them painfully far away from the middle class.

The American Dream is to work 60 hours a week for minimum wage, spiral downwards into debt as a result of being stupid enough to get credit cards and to spend what little money you have on shiny, expensive products that are useless in value and function.

My version of the American Dream is to become a civil engineer, marry my highschool sweat heart, buy a nice sized Spanish styled house in San Diego, CA and drive a new 2005 Mustang.

Todd the textile worker had to trade in his American Dream for a cardboard box because his corporate-owned government sent his job to China.

marrying the perfect man/women, having the perfect family and career

Just woke up from the American dream...

Johnny was biking in the park and he ran into a tree. He sued the council and got 10 mil. He's living the American Dream.

Death of a Salesman

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