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And in the Tim Burton “ALICE IN WONDERLAND,” Alice is trying to name who she is without using the process of elimination in a similar way.

Anyway, do check out inanimate alice, an online serial children's/YA story told with interactive media Alice ages a bit each episode, and she'll end at age 20.

FORT HARE, ALICE (ECN 8. 40pm Friday 17 July 1998) - A culture of leadership battles had taken hold of the ANC, the ruling party's secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe said in his address to a 300 - strong ANC East Cape delegation at Fort Hare campus in Alice last night. (subs: Friday night) He said:

He glanced over the characters; he had once or twice seen Lady Vargrave's handwriting before, and had recognized no likeness between that handwriting and such early specimens of Alice's art as he had witnessed so many years ago; but now, "trifles light as air" had grown "confirmation strong as proof of Holy Writ," -- he thought he detected Alice in every line of the hurried and blotted scroll; and when his eye rested on the words, "Your affectionate MOTHER, _Alice_!" his blood curdled in his veins.

On one of these mornings, as he dictated the scene where Flora was discovered having left her bed, her governess believing that she had lied when she stated that she had seen nothing, he found that he was about to use the name Alice in place of Flora.

At a party to celebrate the first birthday of her label Alice by Temperley, her mother, Di, says: I would love for her to design the dress as she is a true British designer.

For metaphor fans, in the background the East Coast is being hit by a storm named Alice, the Greek word for truth.

More's the pity that his Alice is as vapid as a Cosmopolitan cover girl, and that this particular trip down the rabbit hole is less engaging than the (very engaging) levels in the game Bioshock.

They, or some of them, were bestowed in Alice's desk; and whenever Ellen had a spare hour or two, of a fine morning or afternoon, she made the best of her way to the mountain; it made no difference whether Alice were at home or not; she went in, coaxed up the fire, and began her work.

"Alice" is much simpler in composition, but the contrasting colors and distinctive character communicate much more quickly the nature of the film it's advertising.

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