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The SRNL team, supported by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has developed a novel closed cycle for producing aluminum hydride (AlH3), also known as alane, that potentially offers a cost-effective method of regenerating the hydrogen storing material in a way that allows it to repeatedly release and recharge its hydrogen.

The biblical wisdom, "As a dog returneth to its vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly", becomes, in the Newtyle version, "A dug canna lea its ain boak alane; nor can the bawheid his bawheiditness".

Cramfeezers in Christendom, let alane the Mearns, for that it would prejudice the country.

Anyhoo, he dootless expected this deputation, for he had it meet him alane and unarmed.

'Ye dinna know hoo oft I turned ma face, or wandered into the woods, to leave ye twa alane.'

"Well, well, let Belle alane, or I'll be puttin 'mysel' in Tam's place," and poor Tam could only grin with a very red face.

"Oh! a nice young chiel yonder; but he left me alane there, so I stepped oot withoot his kennin 'an' popped in here."

The widow is feckless, the widow 's alane, vol. v.,

I wander'd alane at the break o 'the mornin', vol. vi.,

"Everybody will ken the right wye o 'it, and will claver and gossip, when they wad 'a be better to mind their ain affairs, an' let ither folk alane."

That Alane can really chat up anyone.

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