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I prefer to be called black or african because all blacks originated from African.

So because you have a dead african on the screen all the sudden its racsist. (which the last time I checked the Japanese had no hard feelings twords any African, having lived there several years)

• He was cited in the London Sunday Times as one of the 1,000 "Makers of the Twentieth Century, " for defining "a modern African literature that was truly African" and thereby making "a major contribution to world literature. "

African Education Society_, p. 7.] [Footnote 8: _Ibid_., pp. 7 and 8 and _African Repository_, vol. iv., p. 375.] [Footnote 9: What would become of this plan depended upon the changing fortunes of the men concerned.

Nevertheless, the first political question from almost everyone was some form of "do you really think America can elect a black man (the term African-American does not seem to be in use) as president?"

Now instead of Bush Republicans, substitute the term African-Americans, or Latinos, or Jews, or homosexuals, and you can see how this situation might be addressed under different circumstances.

This, and the white emigree from Africa to America point to the absurdity of both the term African-American and the squeamishness of people who, for some reason, cannot say, “black.”

I've always disliked the term African-American it's far to unwieldy although the PC people of the world have made it necessary to use.

This paper was also the first, at the time, to introduce the use of the term African in place of "Bantu" and other derogatory terms used to refer to indigenous people.

Meanwhile, the 14 Canadian relief agencies under the name African Emergency Aid, the new mechanism for distributing aid in Africa, are looking for an increase in Ottawa's pledge of $15-million in dollar-for- dollar grants to match the amounts private agencies are raising.

I am AfricanAfrican because my parents are, you are Black American because your parents, grandparents, great grandparents were born here and you know nothing about the African culture.

Black Americans and African Americans are very differnt in behavior and culture. A name like "quadicia" is a ghetto attempt at being african

Aimee: African on dat! Jonty: I know!

Joe: Even though many generations of my family have been born in America, I am still African just like Chinese people who have been in America for generations are still considered Chinese. John: But you've never been to Africa and don't speak an indigenous African language because they only want to teach Spanish and French in school? Joe: In the same way that some Latinos don't speak Spanish and some Chinese people don't speak Chinese. It's about your ancestry and the need to be feel united with my people, although slavery deprived me of the ability to know exactly what country my ancestors originated from.

as i was drowning in quick sand i saw 2 african hunters come to my rescue.

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