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ADRIAN -- An Adrian mother will serve up to 20 years in prison for giving her 4-year-old daughter synthetic heroin in a scheme to pass a drug test.

When I spotted the name Adrian Benepe on the list of speakers, I thought of Middlebury College, our mutual alma mater.

Captain Adrian Freer, who reached the rank of major general before retiring recently, heard Barrett talk of the old days as he basked in glory he never earned.

Hutaree is a radical fundamentalist Christian militia group based in Adrian, Michigan.

For example, My character Adrian is dramatic, flashy, and an actor.

The die-hard supporters who urged voters to write in Adrian Fenty for a second term as mayor appear to have made their point loud and clear: This ain't "one city" yet.

Adrian is interested in finding subtle hints that large bodies of water might once have flooded the northern regions of this now-dry world, hints that the Orbiter's infrared spectrometer could provide.

Adrian is either sublimely ignorant of the way the law works, or he is being disingenuous in the extreme.

It was Claiming Our Truth, a volume of essays edited by Sister Nadine Foley, OP, prioress of a Dominican community in Adrian, Michigan, and a past president of LCWR.

[Adrian] is a writer of prodigious talent who holds your heart in his hands ...

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