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ADAMS -- The Adams black walnut is a rather small variety with an approximate size range of from 34 to 48 nuts per pound, and an average of 39.

THE CAUSE AND KILLING OF JESSE ADAMS, ii, 3abcb, 25: A detailed recital of a domestic tragedy on the Brushy Fork of Blaine: Adams, overhearing his wife and her paramour, shoots her and attempts suicide.

HENRY ADAMS, the founder of the Adams family in America, fled from ecclesiastical oppression in England, and joined the Colony at a very early period, but at what precise time is not recorded.

ADAMS, N.Y. -- "I know I've got smacked on that bridge," said Vaughn Murdock, Adams resident.

President Lincoln and its Consequences, "was the first analysis of real merit in any of the reviews.] [Footnote 128: In his _Memoirs of an Ex-Minister_, Malmesbury makes but three important references to the Civil War in America.] [Footnote 129: Adams, _Charles Francis Adams_, p. 165.] [Footnote 130: Dodd, _Jefferson Davis_, pp. 227-8.] [Footnote 131: _Ibid.

If true, this is further evidence of Davis 'neglect of foreign policy.] [Footnote 133: Du Bose, _Yancey_, p. 604.] [Footnote 134: Adams, _Charles Francis Adams_, pp. 149-51.] [Footnote 135: Possibly the best concise statement of the effect on the

Moore, _Notes on Slavery in Mass. _, p. 71.] [Footnote 3: Adams, _Works of John Adams_, vol. x., p. 315; Moore,

The Julie parts were uneven, although Amy Adams is a charmer.

Amy Adams is a darling (as charming as ever), but, as you say, this movie seems like its ridden with cliches.

Glenda Adams is my mother, and I am her only child.

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