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Although the abdomen is closed after the gastroschisis repair, it takes time for the intestines to recover from gastroschisis.

For example, if you have pain in your upper right abdomen, is the pain coming from there, or from the sensory part of your brain?

‘The abdomen is the worst place for fat to accumulate,’ says Professor Bell.

Once the epidural has taken effect, her abdomen is prepped with an antibacterial solution and a trochar is placed into the amniotic space to allow the introduction of instruments, such as a small camera (fetoscope) and a coagulation device into the amniotic cavity.

Three small 3 to 5 mm incisions are made and the patient's abdomen is distended with gas.

This lends itself perfectly for keeping a thin abdomen on an already tiny fly.

Removal of fluid from the abdomen is called paracentesis.

The abdomen is a soft area protecting vital organs, so please be gentle.

When they pull people out of line, they're not just going to be patting the back and the abdomen, which is what they're doing now.

Irrespective of where the person's clinical illness manifested itself, the abdomen is the only site he used.

Again, the fat around the abdomen, that is more associated with intra-abdominal fat.

The inlays on his abdomen were the same, as was that peculiar forward inclination of the skull.

Oily species of fish tend to deteriorate faster than non-oily species, a particular common feature being the burst abdomen, which is indicative of spoilage.

Across her abdomen was the unhealed wound of a previous operation.

The abdominal muscles may be rigid, that is, the abdomen does not feel soft as is usual; there is a feeling if they are pressed, as if they were hard and unyielding.

The patient was decidedly ill; the abdomen was a good deal distended, and pressure on it caused an escape of gas through the anterior opening.

But in a crab, the whole plan has been modified by the shortening and broadening of the head-thorax, and by the reduction of the abdomen, which is also turned under the anterior part of the body.

His wrists and ankles bore the unmistakable marks of manacles; across the abdomen was a black mark as if made by a rope or cord; the end of his nose bore marks as if held by some instrument of torture.

Indeed, the safest position for coitus, during pregnancy is, the woman on her back, and the man with his hips on the bed below hers, so that there is no possibility of pressure on her abdomen, which is perfectly free, in this position.

In the middle line of the front of the abdomen is a shallow furrow which extends from the junction between the body of the sternum with the xiphoid process to a short distance below the umbilicus; it corresponds to the linea alba.

He was suffering from pains in his abdomen

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