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Taking the words "retired persons" out of the title AARP is one thing.

Continuing its shrill campaign to bully politicians into cutting Social Security and silence opponents to its position, on November 5th the editorialized against what it called AARP's "thuggish behavior" identifying what its editorial board described as "a new round of self-centered, shortsighted intransigence on the part of AARP and its fellow don't-touch-my-benefits purists."

This website from the AARP is funny until, like so many other attempts at comedy in the political arena, it gets bogged down in strained sanctimony.

It seems like either AARP is not up to speed, or has sipped the Kool Aid …

AARP is desperately trying to inform seniors against a GOP ad.

Obama's claim that AARP is on board his Health plan?

I won't go into AMA's position in this - but what are you talking about when you claim AARP is making "huge profits at the expense of seniors and families?"

AARP is the biggest scam ever pulled off on the American people.

He also said AARP is NOT supporting any of the Obama bills - watch the interview!

The 60 Plus Association, a Virginia-based group that bills itself as a conservative alternative to AARP, is running ads in at least three Florida districts held by Democrats, including Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Grayson.

Girl, why do grown old men keep trying to buy you drinks and get your number at the club? Quit aarping around! Dude, I know you think your English teacher is hot, but quit aarping it up!

Oh, here goes the AARP defending seniles right to drive though they'll more than likely plow down people!

Now, let me just sit dooown... AARP!

Did you hear about Tennie Pierce? Dude got awarded $1.6 million dollars for some firehouse prank. LAFD just got AARPed.

Hey my nigga, want to go AARP some crackers?

I have my AAR- (gasp) MY HIP!!!

1)'Gimme my discount or the next issue of the AARP Newsletter will PUBLISH your sorry ass' 2)'I'm sorry, Mr. Pharmaceutical Company, but if I vote for tariffs on drug imports, the AARP will make sure that I can't get elected dogcatcher in this district

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