80 in a sentence

Sentence with the word 80

I do not mind if this goes on, cuz now it seems I'm too far gone. I must admit admit that I am enjoyin' myself, 80 please keep taking me away...

80 is boring for thousands of miles between western New York state and Central Wyoming, with nothing but farms, flat praries or cornfields.

Let me get a couple more of those 80's

80 is my wife"-Billie

Yo im bout to go 80 on this my nigga Why did you go 80 for? Calm the fuck down.

band geek #1hey is there a sound coming from the music classroom ? band geek #2 why yes there is, I think Freddy's GF is giving him some 80

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    • eighty, lxxx, fourscore
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    • large integer
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    • cardinal
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