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The 75th was the first regiment to move down from the hills when the news of the outbreak at Meerut reached Head-Quarters; it had done grand service, had suffered heavily during the siege of Delhi, and had well earned, and badly needed, a rest.

To go from the 15th percentile to the 75th is a miracle, but one that all Indian schools need to do.

Pat was killed while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan.

This past weekend from September 23, 2010 through Sept 27, 2010 Hofstra University held its 75th anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration on its amazing Long Island Campus while at the same time Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 's Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha's undergraduate chapter at Hofstra University, the Xi Psi Chapter, celebrated 30 years of service and leadership on Hofstra's campus after having been Chartered on August 6, 1980.

This past weekend Hofstra University held its 75th anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration on its Long Island Campus celebrating 30 years of service and leadership.

Hofstra Univeristy's 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration was the perfect backdrop for the 30th anniversary of a chapter affiliated with such an esteemed fraternity like Alpha Phi Alpha that even Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used to relish with a spirit of cordiality and fraternalism.

On the eve of his 75th birthday, David Suzuki delivered his legacy lecture.

Born March 10, 1965, in Fort Wayne, Ind. •Claim to fame: Woodson was named to the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team — in just the eighth season of his 17-year career.

Fandom | D23, "The Official Community for Disney Fans," is turning to fans for the creation of an official portrait of Donald Duck to celebrate the character's 75th anniversary.

Come celebrate our gala 75th issue with an all-star cast of Titans past and present!

He submitted it on his 75th birthday in April 2010, as required by church law, but the pope did not immediately act on it.

Clearly, this is backed up by the fact that the UK taxes income over £34,600 (around $50,000 at current exchange rates, and the 75th percentile) at 40%.

September 7 will mark what would have been his 75th birthday.

Composer Philip Glass marks his 75th birthday with a four-day festival of concerts that he helped program highlighting his music with poetry and performances.

Williams thanked the crowd for being there during his "time of need" and promised he would return to the stage next year — his 75th year in the entertainment industry.

Paralleling 11th in the other direction, there are plans for bike lanes on Roosevelt Ave between Eastlake and 75th as well.

If you want to add more lifesize giraffes, there are (at least) two more in the Seattle area; Roosevelt just south of the reservoir at 75th, and Lake City Way near El Norte.

And John Smith, no your analogy is wrong, it is like Ballard telling Crown Hill what to do with 75th street.

Oh wait, I found a cracker box looking place at NW 75th and 25th NW (1,000 sq. ft.) for $309,000.

The National Symphony Orchestra is saluting the 75th birthday of go-go meister Chuck Brown at its annual Labor Day concert at the Capitol.

There are a LOT more Ranger regiments than this one." -me

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