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The film's peculiar power owes much to Eric Portman who, as the enigmatic Thomas Colpeper - local Justice of the Peace, prophet and one of Powell's many screen alter-egos - delivers an intense and complex performance, just as he had in 49th Parallel three years earlier.

The one on 7th Ave.btw. 48th & 49th is pretty dingy, while the one on 46th (btw.

A certain captain in the 49th was a confirmed duellist, with a reputation of being a dead shot at short range.

By the end of August the first division of the British army, of which the 49th was a unit, was aboard the transports in the Zuyder Zee, off the coast of Holland, and early one morning, under the command of Sir

In the ranks of the 49th was a young Irishman of superior talents.

I do not approve much of the change, as being separated from the 49th is a great annoyance to me.

The slayings were dubbed the 49th Street Massacre by then-Police Chief William J. Bratton.

Ritchie’s fervour for his new religion is such that he has been attempting to get major backing for a film based on a Kabbalah storyline called 49th Gate.

It was a "done deal" and the US should pick up because Obama is trying to pull the same stuff on the south side of the "49th" and the time to fight him is now while it is happening.

On one such occasion the Post-Office battalion (better known as the 49th

In addition to the 49th was a detachment of the 95th, rifles ” consisting, we believe, of two companies ” under Lieut. - Colonel the Honorable William Stewart, [16] who was senior officer of the troops embarked.

The new "Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans" exhibition marks the 49th anniversary of the artist's first solo show, when he displayed 32 canvases depicting soup labels at an L.A. gallery.

• The Predators draft well: Four of their six defensemen, Ryan Suter (seventh), Kevin Kline (37th), Shea Weber (49th), and Alexander Sulzer (92nd) were taken in the first three rounds of one draft.

The Blueshirts haven't had a player lead the league in goals since Lynn Patrick did it in 1941-42—when the Garden was on 49th Street and Fiorello La Guardia was mayor.

He was referring to the bar where I've long suspected the announcer who read my sign-off news repaired, based upon his difficulty enunciating, to prepare himself. 49th and Sixth.

During the chilly winter months, Mr. Telepan said he personally enjoys lunching with his wife at Sapporo on 49th Street for the "cold weather ramen" and fried rice.

The State Department, which presides over the Keystone XL review because it would cross the 49th parallel, claimed yesterday that the two-month Congressional deadline was too tight "for the President to determine whether the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest."

E&E Grill House, 233 West 49th St. between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, serves lunch 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day; 212-505-9909.

Only financial members of Dudcon III (49th Australian National SF Convention) are eligible to vote for this award.

Only financial members of Dudcon III (49th Australian National SF Convention) are eligible to nominate for this award and may nominate up to three different nominees.

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