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The hallways and galleries of the main 42nd street branch are lined with display cases featuring artifacts from its vast collection of original and rare material.

(She played Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street, twenty two years later.)

My great fondness for Jerry Orbach can be traced to the early eighties and his starring role as Julian Marsh in 42nd Street.

Wallace was 10 spots behind Newman in 42nd place, leaving both with a lot of work to do on Thursday.

This mistaken identity comedy was much more entertaining than I thought it would be, highlighted by Keeler’s charm (markedly improved since her equine hoofing in 42nd Street) and the Johnny Mercer standard “Too Marvelous For Words.”

(An aside: My great fondness for Jerry Orbach can be traced to the early eighties and his starring role as Julian Marsh in 42nd Street.

The post was for a San Francisco group called 42nd Street Moon that has been mounting rare musicals for the last 15 years.

Its main tenant is an interesting local troupe called 42nd Street Moon that specializes in "concert versions" of obscure Broadway musicals spanning the entire 20th century click here to get to their website and see about tickets.

There's a small company in San Francisco called 42nd Street Moon that specializes in semi-staged concert versions of "rare" musicals, usually just with piano accompaniment, and I found myself wishing I was watching their version instead.

MacDonald was a private in the 42nd Infantry Division, also known as the 42nd "Rainbow" division, which is credited by Army historians as one of the liberators of Dachau.

With its clean brick facade and welcoming green awnings, the outside of the building has changed little from the days when it was known as the 42nd Precinct, a designation still etched over the doorway.

It appears that he has lost almost all, except the 21st, 49th and 52nd (which he has won) and possibly the 42nd, which is very […]

What's odd about it, is that it's hoping to bar access to a rather public little thoroughfare known as 42nd Street.

We are also allowing trailer compilations, such as 42nd Street Forever and Something Weird compilations.

How about allowing bus traffic ONLY on 8th ave and Madison and selected cross streets such as 42nd, 34th and 23rd?

Gold Diggers of 1933, 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, and Dames all featured tightly synchronized movements by large numbers of dancers and implicit collectivist messages.

I got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast and get my 16 year old ass to the Port Authority Terminal at 42nd St. and 8th Avenue to catch the bus upstate.

Mayhem is mandatory at these events, which conjure the spirit of legendary 42nd Street grindhouses with the vivid impact of a Quentin Tarantino fever dream.

Residences, a 58-story glass tower located at 123 Washington St. The buyer, identified by the sponsors only as an Italian investor, paid about $4 million Friday afternoon for two apartments on the 42nd floor.

Study: Ohio ranks 42nd nationally in average happiness

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