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Jonas Brothers in 3d is one of the hottest of 2009?

To me, the choice to shoot in 3d is more akin to choosing to shoot in black and white rather than color, because you have to work harder to craft your shots to work with the medium.

It's sad for those who will lose their jobs, but then again .... 3d is getting bigger each year so I'm sure they'll find something else soon.

May 13, 2009 at 5: 14 PM ive found that if you want to do anything simply, sweet home 3d is a great free program

Bring up better quality and technology in 3d … pirates wont feel the need to download something that wont gives them the full real experience.

The track record of transitions from 2d to 3d is not all that good.

K I get it's in 3d but ah what is happening in this movie? greggorybasore

AND i'm seeing it in 3d, because that seems like a "must" too. this, toy story 3, and TRON will be the only movies i see this year. squeaks182

Nolan basically said 3d is weak without calling out his execs. geoff

Marvin'sHead no one complained about that. 2d screens outnumber 3d 20-to-one, that's not going to be reversed for a long while. especially as it is getting harder for theatres to afford putting in 3d capable screens and projectors.

The film making and script should be good enough to captivate an audience. 3d is being far too built up because avatar made a fortune but lets be honest without the visuals it was a poor film.

However, because it was in 3d and it made money EVERY film has to be converted!

Not a huge Cameron fan, but love the idea of Terminator in 3d ..

So this is how it works: think of a curious spectacular shape, get 2 or 3 guys that work very good in 3d (3ds max + vray from what i see) and, in 3 days you got a good (but not well thought) idea for a building.

I personally think these lights all look great created in 3d and placed on an cool image.

Only he could have pulled this type of movie I know some people say the story is simple but for me it was a cinematic experience in 3d Imax and I think that's is what they intend to make this movie about giving people a Cinematic experience.

It's by far going to be highest grossing movie of 2009 that's for sure and coolest cinematic experience in 3d that was the highlight of the movie for me.

I agree that 3d is the future, and that, at least for me, it enhances the experience of the movie if done well (ie: Avatar), but I'm still sad to see movies going that way for a very personal reason,, my mother basically has 1 eye that doesnt work (genetical problem) and 1 eye that works perfecly, and as such 3d movie don't work for her.

And now that hollywood knows the drill more or less thanks to Cameron, shooting it in 3d isn't supposed to take that long.

Oh but wait, this one's gonna be in 3d - WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

Wow, that cude is 3D.

Isabella: my brother says Angela's got an attitude problem Kenny: Well, she does. But her attitude stems from not getting 3D Isabella: Yeah, tell me about it. Isabella: I could use that myself. Kenny: word. Kenny: Dinner Friday night?

Your girlfriend has big boobs bro.' 'No man, they are actually 3D! I bet they look fake.

1. Team 3D won the match by using the 3D on their opponents on TNA. 2. The Dudleys are infamous for using the 3D in conjunction with tables.

3D animation is almost always computer generated.

jayden jed and damo. 3D Todd; manager

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