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Okay, Maria – my 35th is in January, and since I usually end up with a little extra money to pay down the credit card with, I am definitely posting a bday wish list this year for my husband to take note of.

My 35th is in just over a month, so I'll be joining your fine club soon.

It later became known as the 35th Regiment, United States

I think so but my 35th is next week so I really don’t see any problems with it – I actually love it!!!

Longtime college basketball commentator Billy Packer won't call his 35th NCAA Final Four basketball tournament this spring.

On February 23 - our 35th wedding anniversary - J presented me with his gift: a fine, chunky necklace of antique coral, since the 35th is the coral anniversary.

We’ll be chatting about the January issue, aka our 35th anniversary issue.

Junior Steffphon Pettigrew, with 1,077 points, stands 35th all-time.

Of course for every hour of work, there are 4 more of Sudoku, day dreaming, and reading the same People magazine for the 35th time.

Sy Sperling is more than just the founder and former president of Hair Club, the hair-loss treatment company celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

And they are also a great example of how the MSA, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, is working.

The forward made the announcement through the NHL Players' Association a day before his 35th birthday and nearly two months after the New York Rangers bought out the final year of his contract following four mediocre seasons.

There is currently a three-bedroom, 3½-bathroom unit on the 35th floor of Ariel East on the market for $3.295 million.

As soon as he frees a bunch from its plastic wrapper, crazed commuters at the corner of 35th and Sixth grab for his 35-cent specials.

John F. Kennedy's complete 1935 application to Harvard College is now online, and you can see it here, thanks to the release by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum of a mountain of digitized documents about the personal and professional life of the 35th president in honor of the 50th anniversary of his presidential inauguration.

Now, as her internationally known dance company nears its 35th anniversary, Lerman, 63, is taking another new step: She's resigning as artistic director of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, the company will announce Monday.

Of the three from Northern Ireland, Jim Allister ranks 24th, Jim Nicholson 35th and Bairbre de Brún 57th.

The West Hollywood Carnaval also celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a coordinated Time Warp dance at 10: 45pm to close out the celebration.

She told colleagues in the Senate on Friday that she had decided a year of milestones, which included her 50th wedding anniversary and her 35th year in public service, should be capped by her exit from elected office.

LNN: You have released several other CD's, including one entitled "Soft Rock," which is subtitled the "35th anniversary edition."

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