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300: This is Spartaaaaaaa!!!

1. ...298, 299, 300,... 2. "I read Frank Miller's 300 yesterday, it's truly a masterpiece." 3. Person 1: "Hey, did you go see the new movie, 300?" Person 2: "Yeah, it was terrible. There was almost no historical accuracy. The fighting styles were wrong, the armor was wrong, and the numbers were wrong." Person 1: "No shit, sherlock. It's a movie, not a documentary." 4. Person 1: "I bowled a 300 today!" Person 2: "That's amazing! You should go pro.

OMG I just bowled a 300!" "Dude you're the king of bowlers!

Yeah man, Heather wouldn't do anal so I had to 300 her against the wall.

John just went 300 on him and tore him apart Hey dont sweat it we'll catch 300 later and you'll forget about her when you remember what it is like to be a man. 300? Dude thats not just a number its what being a guy is all about

Did you go see '300'? " "Yeah, it was nuts.

I watched 300, then immediatly walked into the street and kicked some guy down a well. I don't know why. It just seemed right.

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