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The slavers, the headman of whom was Magaru Mafupi, came and said that they were going off on the 2nd; (_2nd February, 1867_) but by payment

You can tell by the ceiling that the 2nd is a little closer.

I don't know what the hell the 3rd movie was about but the 2nd is a love story.

I think it could potentially start what I call a 2nd round of mobile “musical chairs”, as other big media folks are going to start looking for acquisitions that give them mobile ad presence (but most likely at a lower price tag) reply mark

Peggy but you want to watch out what you call a 2nd Lootenant.

But you tell them the 2nd is questionable in its wording (and it is VERY questionable in its wording) and all of the sudden the bill of rights is untouchable.

I predict Letters to Juliet will come in 2nd the May 14th weekend.

But I realize that when it comes to this show, the best dancer has often come in 2nd or lower.

Any woman who would be put in 2nd place on national TV and then take the jerk back needs her head examined too!

I am all for R&D, but until we can begin 2nd generation bio fuels with non-food products such as switch grass, we should not scale up ethanol production.

Take a deer, buck or doe, that has been feeding on acorns; that; s got to be the finest tasting deer of them all; but running a very close 2nd is a deer taken from the alfalfa fields; all of them delishious.

The graph does not imply that everyone who is in 2nd year art school has all three attributes, but that anyone who does have them all is also a 2nd year art scholar.

But if there are major problems with the Obama administration, given the numbers and given what could be a shellacking on November 2nd, is Pete Rouse the way to go?

This year, Saturday May 2nd is the date – head on over to your local (participating) comic store and get your ace some free funny books.

November 2nd is a big election for Democrats, Republicans, gubernatorial candidates, marijuana, state parks, climate law, the state budget and so much more.

Number one or not, with films in 2nd and 3rd Fox is still feeling jolly while, overall, Christmas day tallies were way up from 2008.

Kurram Parachinar is the nearest point towards Kabul from Pakistani boarder and British rulers of India used this route in 2nd Anglo Afghan war in 1878 to reach Kabul.

There is not much time left. the poll will close soon and Rob is in 2nd place.

I think 922 (g) (3) is pretty troubling on its face, in 2nd Am terms, given that about 100 million adults have used unlawful drugs at somepoint.

Last couple of years there has not been much early snow in 2nd and 3rd seasons.

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