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December 28th is the Day of the Innocents, the equivalent of April Fool's Day in the United States; a day when everyone plays practical jokes on each other and not an appropriate time to "loan" money or believe anyone!

BEIJING He started competition in 28th place out of 30.

Toronto came in 28th of 30 teams in rebounding average, but had a 39-28 edge Wednesday.

They came in 28th in the league in 3-point percentage and were making 4.6 per game - 6.0 fewer than New York's league-best average - but made a season-best 13 in 24 attempts (54 percent).

New Jersey came in 28th in the NHL with a conversion rate of 14 percent, and was 0-for-15 over the last four games.

Did you know that March 28th is National Lemon Day?

But a letter from the 28th is not relevant to the question.

Saturday 28th is Topsham Carnival, which nowadays is the only one in Exeter.

According to the, ahem, many reliable sources out there on the internet, May 28th is National Hamburger Day.

So you know what that means, tonight, February 28th is Hedwig sing-a-long night.

August 28th is a day of celebration set aside to honor the saint this village is named after.

Tuesday, October the 28th, is to be the public "setting apart."

If you’re hankering for a bubble tea in Midtown, “Tease” located on 3rd Ave between 27th & 28th is a must!

And if Disney really does pull The Lion King 3D from theaters next weekend (no word yet, but the Blu Ray streets this Tuesday), it will have the family market to itself until October 28th, which is where Dreamworks moved Puss In Boots just a couple days ago (it was supposed to launch on November 4th).

I would have pleaded with you to add me to your hat and to "rig" the draw in my favour because the 28th is my birthday and it would be awesome to "win" something on one's birthday, but alas, I seldom ever read straightforward romance books.

Wednesday the 28th was the day sponsored by the construction workers.

March the 28th is the date that should be etched into the diaries of every frequent trans-Atlantic traveler because that's the date when Open Skies comes into effect.

"The Chicago Tribune" is reporting on October 28th, which is the day before Stacy Peterson was officially reported missing, that this relative helped Peterson remove a large four-foot plastic container from the upstairs of Peterson's home which was described as weighing about 120 pounds.

Another tidbit in The Tribune I should mention, Heidi, is "The Chicago Tribune" is reporting that Bolingbrook police would say that Drew Peterson's scheduled day off -- or he called in sick, rather, on October 28th, which is the day before Stacy Peterson was officially reported missing.

Go to CNN. com/YouTube and submit your questions on November 28th, that is a Wednesday, your voice will be heard only on CNN.

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