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The most important dates are: January 6th, the fiesta of Santos Reyes (Holy Kings) with dances typical of the region and rodeos; from July 24th to the 27th is the fiesta of the town's patron saint, Señor Santiago, with a popular fair, a procession with the image of the saint on the 24th, the Morrish dances, horsemanship, rodeos, and pirekuas; on the 15th of August, similar activities honor the Ascension of the Virgin Mary.

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GAME 6: Title puts Yanks in 27th heaven phillies | |

This Monday, July 27th, is Fr. Mitch Pacwa's 60th birthday (see his Facebook page), and I want to be sure to send him birthday greetings while I am thinking of it as the next few days are going to be fairly hectic here.

In our country, May 27th is a day for celebration, a day when the people of Guadeloupe remember the struggle led by Ignace, Delgrès, Masoto and Solitude for the liberation of Guadeloupeans, who were held in servitude by the French colonialists.

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Title puts Yankees in 27th heaven after winning Series in six

Title puts Yankees in 27th heaven after winning Series in six - USATODAY. com

As June 27th is the date of neither his birth nor his death, I presume that it was chosen to coincide with Midwestcon.

Saturday September 27th is the date planned for the return of Podcamp Ireland in Kilkenny.

This project is currently in 27th place out of 1190.

Coming in 27th in the NHL on the power play, they scored with a man advantage just 3: 55 in.

January 27th is the birthday of Lewis Carrol, author of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND.

I have no interest in running for office, and I agree the 27th is hopelessly Blue.

Clippers and Sacramento were followed by this shoddy defensive performance against Golden State, which came in 27th in the NBA at 88.8 points per game.

NOB HILL -- The constest winner of the image posted on Sept. 27th is TOMAS!

He finished the stage in 27th place, 10 minutes, six seconds behind Garcia-Acosta, who is

A trapper of our party by the name of Perkins was fired upon on the 27th from a thicket near which he happened to be passing, but fortunately escaped uninjured, though the ball passed through the left breast of his coat.

They left on the 14th of June and were scheduled to come back on the 27th, which is Friday.

The 27th is the most important, because on that day, she walked from her boyfriend Tony ` s house, got in the car, drove to her mom ` s house, called JCPenney, and then she spent 18 minutes in an area there that ` s not that large.

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