24 in a sentence

Sentence with the word 24

When does Jack Go to the bathroom?

Keifer Sutherland has such an evil voice. Elisha Cuthbert is so hot.

24 will wipe the floor at the Emmy's this year

I need a hacksaw".

Milo buys the first season of 24. Milo's mom: "Milo, it's time to eat." *Milo stays glued to 24* *a few minutes pass* *Milo's mom comes into room* "Milo, what is so interesting about this show? You've been watching it for 9 hours strait, now." *on telivision* Jack: "I am the LAST thing you will ever see if you if you hurt my wife or my daughter" *Milo's mom sits* *9 hours later, Milo and his mother are still watching 24 in disbelief that a show could be so powerful and addicting*

Jeff watches Jack get the virus on TV. Jeff says: "This is sad, and yet cool!" Bob Agrees: "Indeed

I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.

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