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For full-time employees whom we see every day, the 20th is the deadline.

So I announced a strategy to transform and energize Telstra from what I call a 20th century telephone company in decline to a 21st century media-communications powerhouse that provides truly integrated services on digital platforms.

To quote readingthedark, "Finally, having spent too much time in the book biz, I firmly believe that having the best possible trailer on August 20th is five times better than having one out before the book is in stores but that isn't memorable or worth linking to."

Littleford adds, All of the research about History was that people who came to watch it would be interested in 20th-century history and war.

For 2009, Strategic Analytics has the US in 20th place in broadband penetration, at 60%.

Yet this major figure in 20th century mathematics is all but unknown to the general public, probably because her groundbreaking work is not terribly accessible to non-mathematicians.

-- G Brett Harvey finished his Loyola career in 20th place on the school's all-time scoring list (1,208 points).

And of course there was vituperation directed toward W including some over-the-top comparisons to certain 20th century tyrants.

Teachout, an estimable critic, biographer, and former jazzbo, draws on newly available recordings and writings to limn the fullest portrait to date of the most popular and beloved figure in 20th-century music.

So, you know, he's really a towering figure in 20th century Birmingham.

For those interested in 20th-century music, Alex Ross's "The Rest Is Noise" (2007) and Kyle Gann's "American Music in the Twentieth Century" (1997) are both rewarding.

For those interested in 20th-century music, Alex Ross's recent "The Rest Is Noise" (2007) and Kyle Gann's "American Music in the Twentieth Century" (1997) are rewarding to read.

BRASILIA - Oscar Niemeyer, a towering figure in 20th-century architecture, is now 102, confined to a wheelchair, his vision faltering, his hand unsteady.

Drawing from the personal papers, public appearances and films of Bob Hope and other entertainers, this exhibit looks into the interplay and impact of politics and entertainment in 20th-century American life.

There's an interesting post on the National Museum of American History's blog by Arthur Molella about the way women are portrayed interacting with technology and science in 20th century photographs.

Anyone interested in 20th century magazine illustration pretty much has to have this book in his or her library.

This one has seven blades though and is well tempered, referring to a common type of tuning in 20th century Western music.

A geometry of reinforced concrete, it's Grade-II listed, and one of a series of architectural landmarks that earns Plymouth the new title 20th Century City.

The sense of a rapidly-developing complexity, with one foot in the 21st century and another in the 20th, is everywhere.

What essentially happened here was prosecutors presented the cases against six defendants at Guantanamo that they want to move to military commissions including this Mohammed al-Qahtani who, as you said, is sometimes referred to as the 20th hijacker because it's believed he was trying to enter the country to take part in the September 11 attacks, a stop at the Orlando airport.

is that an r32? nah thats a 20th man. look at the lip.

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