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Nonetheless, even those most firmly committed to building the community center/mosque in lower Manhattan have struggled with the seemingly powerful argument that what happened at Auschwitz in the 1980s is a reason to rethink their position.

Those who follow the funeral industry point out that the very same demographic reality that gave us the Pepsi generation in the 1960s and thirtysomething in the 1980s is about to usher in what has been called the Golden Era of Death.

An intellectual and political movement in favor of political, economic, and social conservatism that arose in opposition to the perceived liberalism of the 1960s: “The neo-conservatism of the 1980s is a replay of the New Conservatism of the 1950s, which was itself a replay of the New Era philosophy of the 1920s” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).

The acid rain debate of the 1970s and the 1980s is another case in point.

More than half of the increase in child poverty in the 1980s is attributable to changes in family structure, according to David Eggebeen and Daniel Lichter, of Pennsylvania State University.

The third set of challenges facing the criminal justice system in the 1980s is the increasing delays and backlogs in our criminal courts.

I have my roots in 1980s computing, and for me, the Control key was where the Caps Lock key usually is now.

Works to Wear - blogging about art/fashion/craft in 1980s Edinburgh

• The coalition needs to be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the Tories in 1980s who placed the fight against inflation above everything else.

In the Senate race, Mr. DioGuardi, a congressman from Westchester in the late 1980s, is outgunned on many levels.

V, an alien invasion series from the the 1980s, is set to receive a makeover after two decades.

Again, the resemblance to the 1980s is telling, with leading anti-Soviet combatants like Haqqani and Hekmatyar central to the military equation, and a partially irrelevant Karzai: today ISAF officials talk quietly about working around Karzai by dealing directly with the ministries of interior and defense, and with the offices of the provincial governors, all of which they are fortifying with Western advisers.

Senator Biden's foreign policy record, going back to the 1980s, is pretty dismal.

After the uncertain 1980s, Rocca did finally make it, racking up five European Tour victories and membership of two winning Ryder Cup teams in three appearances, the highlight of which was that famous win over Woods.

And in the magical time known as the 1980s, Jean played Patrick Swayze's mommy in the North and South mini-series.

Curators Omar Lopez-Chahoud and Franklin Evans have filled nine of the Lower East Side's leading galleries with shows based on chapters in Richard Price's Lush Life crime novel, which is set in the neighborhood early in the last decade, when a local art scene existed only in the memory of those that could recall 1980s New York.

And so was born "The Greatest," an independent film about those grieving for a teenage boy killed in a car crash that recalls 1980s weepies like "Beaches" and "Terms of Endearment."

The farm boom of the middle of the last decade was the biggest since the boom of the 1970s, which was then followed by the long hangover known as the 1980s farm-debt crisis.

But what we saw since the 1980s was the unmooring of the financial sector from the rest of the economy.

Looking back at toy commercials from the 1980s is a throwback to much simpler days.

The 1980s are left best forgotten!

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