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Coherent planning, the pledged goal of Paul Hellyer's Unification and Donald MacDonald's Civilianisation in the 1970s is as contested as ever by the old tribes.

"An out-of-print book by a pair of Montanans about a wave of cattle mutilations in the Great Falls area in the 1970s is available online and free of charge."

It has become far too closed and rigid in its attitude toward outside policy analysis and advice, and error in economic policy during the 1970s is a prime case in point.

Emmy Award-winner Gary Shandling, who's been doing stand-up for decades and writing comedy for TV since the 1970s, is bringing a "classic funny" vibe to the show.

- Cathy admits brief affair she had with Uncle Duke in 1970s while substituting as his interpreter in China - Best friend Andrea leaves husband, ...

- Cathy admits brief affair she had with Uncle Duke in 1970s while substituting as his interpreter in China

After all, The Coop, an icon and creative pioneer in 1970s hard rock, is as influential to rock and roll history as Elvis Presley and his Caucasian-hijacking of an African-American invention is to the '50s, The Beatles and its image-driven cultural phenomenon is to the' 60s, Madonna and her sexually-charged chameleon star-trip is to the 80s ', and the spit-in-the-face of all that is holy Nirvana in the' 90s.

This brief alphabetical listing of some of the stalwarts of the Lake Chapala art and literary scene in the 1960s and early 1970s is far from comprehensive, but hopefully provides some sense of the colorful mix of conventional and bohemian characters who have chosen to live and work here.

Birdie, a biracial girl in 1970s Boston, is the child of a liberal white mother and an intellectual father whose marriage disintegrates when her mom throws in her lot with gun-running activists.

Actor best-known for role as Howard Cunningham in 1970s television series had been suffering from lung cancer

You know, lesbian-feminism of the early 1970s is where I first encountered the concept of political correctness, and it's never been a joke to me.

I am more familiar with the history of the Stalinist USSR and its satellites than other systems, but I know that the following was true in China during the anti-Rightist campaigns of the 1950s and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s-1970s, is still true in North Korea, and suspect that it has been the case in every Leninist system.

The most accurate picture of Provincial England in the 1970s is that given by The League of Gentlemen.

In addition to the older-than-us-Tupperware, our moms both share the same taste in 1970s patterned Corelle dinner plates too ..

As far as I'm concerned, the "hippie Jesus" of the 1960s and early 1970s is the true Jesus (and centuries of art bear me out on this, at least superficially).

Of the various things going around in 1970s Portland, I still think alcohol caused me the most trouble.

Maybe they are, but so what we can do instead as researchers is track what happened to the people who got married in 1970s, how likely were they to get divorced.

But she left plenty of room for causal fun: a denim shirt with an intricate design that evoked Native American art, and sportswear recalling 1970s leisure suit sahara jackets with four front pockets.

(Soundbite of music) KEVIN WHITEHEAD: The 1970s was a breakthrough decade for solo jazz piano, with Keith Jarrett, Cecil Taylor, Andrew Hill and others using the format to build cathedrals in the air.

For whatever reason, the 1970s were a golden age for football movies, starting with a made-for-TV entry that took the country by storm, the indelible "Brian's Song" (1971), starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams.

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