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The term robot, coined in the 1920s, comes from the Czech word for menial forced labor.

Also, I'm really interested to know why the 1920s is your favourite decade.

The principle of repetitive acceleration conceived in the 1920s is an important milestone in the quest for higher and higher energies.

The monument was erected in 1920s to commemorate WWI.

Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty play teenagers in 1920s Kansas grappling with their feelings for each other amidst leering classmates and judgmental family members.

As I said earlier, the true urban neighborhood of the 1920s is problematic today because of the grocery store situation.

Pasteurization, which was invented in the 19th century and has been common in the USA since the 1920s, is the process of heating milk to at least 161 degrees F for at least 15 seconds to kill pathogens.

Joshua Zeitz – Flapper (the story of the flapper girl in 1920s America)

Same guts, same material, same milling process as the ones created back in 1920s ye old England.

As Nelson Van Alden on HBO's Boardwalk Empire -- a gritty confection of organized crime in 1920s Atlantic City created by The Sopranos 'Terence Winter and executive-produced by Martin Scorsese -- that deep voice serves Shannon well.

Alcova Heights, located northwest of Columbia Pike's intersection with South Glebe Road, was developed in the 1920s from a farm owned by Virginia state Sen. Joseph Cloyd Byars, according to Anthony Toth, a writer and historian who lives in the neighborhood.

Plus, Wolvie pulls a bank heist in 1920s Kansas City, but all does not go according to plan.

Sunday was full of activities; rode the ferry to the Jazz Age Lawn Party, people dressed up in 1920s garb and I did the Charleston!

Written by Ross and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, the comic series is a hard boiled noir crime thriller with girls, guns, fangs and aliens, set in 1920s prohibition-era New York.

I also need to proof (again) my first novel, which is magic realism set in 1920s Mexico, and send it out.

The most recent episode of Doctor Who takes place in 1920s England and features Agatha Christie as the special guest at the kind of British luncheon/dinner that featured in many of her novels.

This biography of McPherson explores how the evangelist combined old-time religion with newfangled technology to build a multimedia soul-saving juggernaut in 1920s Los Angeles.

Note 11: The literature on American nativism in the 1920s is extensive.

 A fantasy Dwarf ends up in 1920s Chicago and becomes a detective.

Indeed, what Fayyad is doing in the West Bank resembles nothing so much as what Zionists were doing in the Mandatory Palestine of the 1920s, that is to say, focusing on a careful ground-up state-building enterprise in order to make actual statehood an inevitability.

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