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So while artists in 1860s Paris were discovering the beauty of Japanese "floating world" — or ukiyo-e — woodblock prints, many Japanese artists were heading to Yokohama, scouring European publications and creating their own genre of exotica: the Yokohama-e.

Kekulé in the 1860s is that carbon can bind at most four other atoms (tetra-coordination).

GOP Republican Conservatives = Union and Anti-slavery abolitionists in 1860s

South Carolina has been threatening to act out that fantasy since the days of Henry Clay, and in the 1860s was the first state in a series to actually follow through with that threat.

Of course, Barbour would have called Abraham Lincoln "the most liberal" president ever if he'd been around back in the 1860s, which is apparently where his politics and morals are still located.

The fact that there were no airplanes in the 1860s is a flimsy excuse, especially when you consider that Lincoln gives us the best model I know of for dealing with e-mail and Twitter, which were both invented some time after 1870.

The 1860s was a decade in which beauty was increasingly seen as a commodity.

He's only too willing to share his views on sex among other things, which are definitely reminiscent of the '60s ... the 1860s, that is.

The only historical documents I've read from the 1860s are the Gettysburg address, a poetic speech, and Leaves of Grass and THAT is how I understand those times, and I think years from now, poetry will still be how we understand times, these time included.

Biarritz in the 1860s was a playground of Eros, consecrated to the vitality of that nineteenth-century Venus, the EmpressEugénie, whose favorite watering hole it was.

The only reason I paused about the greatest calamity on our soil, our Civil War in the 1860s was a tremendous calamity, but for a one day event, certainly the greatest catastrophe in the history of our country.

The earliest reference of any kind we could find to this purported Marxian quotation supposedly penned in the 1860s was a blog post.

I find it extremely hard to believe that Abe Lincoln would be a Republican today since the Republican Party of the 1860s was a completely different animal than today's conservative GOP.

The Klan of the 1860s was a violent effort by white Southerners to fight

What remains constant between the minor plague of the 1850s and this major one of the 1860s is the doctor's heroic role.

I hate to point this out, but the conservatives of the 1860s are the liberals of today (the

I always bring up the example of Tolstoy writing about the War of 1812 in the 1860s.

It started in the 1860s with the writing of an upstart from Missouri whose droll read on society's pretenses paved the way for debates that continue today about class, country, race, religion and animals.

Seriously, this throwback thinking from the 1860s goes beyond "stagnant," to downright "antebellum."

It became, he says, a movie about Guetta, a quirky fellow who Banksy describes as looking like he's 'out of the 1860s.'

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