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WILLIAM BURKE and WILLIAM HARE are scratching out a living in 1830s Edinburgh.

India in the 1830s is wonderfully evoked -- the smells, rituals and squalor ...

The first United States citizen to experienced the market region of our concern was Josiah Harlan in 1830s and 1840s (see

Rather, what has remained constant since the 1830s is the degree to which political opportunism has dictated prevailing attitudes toward the West.

Also in Paris in the 1830s was his good friend, the author James Fennimore Cooper, by then recognized as one of America's foremost writers, creator of the "Leatherstocking Tales" and other popular novels.

I seriously wonder whether the dissers of the 1830s are any more closely related to today's rap music than the ancient Greeks.

To settlers on the bottom lands of the great midwestern rivers and on the forested fringes of the Great Plains, the West of the 1830s was a rumor of indefinite obstacles.

There is also the story of Dr. James McCune Smith, a little-known but influential New York native who in the 1830s was the first black university-trained physician in the country.

The verbal form shampooing had given way to the shampoo in the 1830s, but it was still more a practice than a product.

In time, abbreviators of the 1830s discovered that there was even more amusement to be obtained by using letters for phrases spelled wrongly.

In certain circles on the East Coast, and notably in Boston, it became fashionable in the busy and, for some, clubby industrial world of the late 1830s, to employ shortcuts for common phrases, like NG for “no go,” much in the spirit that np now serves in text messaging as a quick and fun way to convey “no problem.”

In the late 1830s, Emmett joined a traveling circus, where he began performing in blackface and imitating the slaves and ex-slaves he had encountered.

A popular advice book in the 1830s told young American women, “In whatever situation of life a woman is placed from her cradle to her grave, a spirit of obedience and submission, pliability of temper, and humility of mind, are required from her.”

If Sports Night had been set in the 1830s, then she may have been.

Five family members served in the House or Senate, including great-great-granduncle George M. Dallas, who was a senator from Pennsylvania in the 1830s and vice president under President James K. Polk in the 1840s.

In the 1830s, an influential education warned that the "mental excitement" would over-stimulate children.

From the 1830s to 2005, output per person increased tenfold in Britain but 20-fold in the U.S., according to the Bank of England.

"The more opulent citizens take great care not to stand aloof from the people," wrote Alexis de Tocqueville, the great chronicler of American democracy, in the 1830s.

Brick from the 1830s mixed with tall modern glass boxes, everything colorful and close together.

Already more than 150 years old when the labourers met under this tree in the 1830s, it's still going strong with loving help.

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