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I wanted to know more about George and his family in 1820s New York state.

Edward Hartery was also a new arrival from Ireland in 1820s; he married Elizabeth Kelly, first-generation Irish Newfoundland daughter of Catherine and Cornelius Kelly (agent at Cape Broyle for the Koughs), and they established themselves on land near the Kelly home. 34

In fact, the property qualification was so obvious at the time, and opposition to it so abnormal, that US History texts often fail to point out that “Jacksonian Democracy” in the 1820s was the result of the abandonment, state by state, sometimes with violence, of the property qualification.

England in the 1820s was a gloomy place to live; it had emerged triumphant from a long struggle on the Continent, but now it seemed locked in an even worse struggle at home.

The growing Indian settlements near the pueblo in the 1820s were a matter of concern to Los

In the 1810s and 1820s, Benjamin Rush authored a series of sexual manuals for the new nation in which he declared that indulgence in bodily pleasures, “when excessive, becomes a disease of both the body and mind.”

The sad result of Bloomfield's decline into obscurity (a process that led to obituaries terming him a forgotten man even by the mid 1820s) has been a lack of scholarly editions of his work.

His letters reveal his distress, resentment and resistance yet also, in later years, his nostalgia for patrons who at least cared about his work and did not try, as by the 1820s local gentlemen were trying, to make him conform in print and in private to a loyalist, evangelical and Tory agenda (see Letters 350-53).

That fight was hard in the 1820s, and it is just as hard now.

One of the book's greatest revelations is the extent to which "alternative" newspapers developed early in this country's history, starting in the 1820s.

Though the original residents of the area were the indigenous Totoromes and a tiny group of Spaniards officially founded a site here in 1531, Mazatlan itself was not developed by the Spanish nor the Indians but by a group of enterprising German immigrants who developed the port facilities in the 1820s in order to import agricultural equipment.

In the 1820s, the German historian Leopold von Ranke had pioneered the use of documents to reconstruct past events.

We often forget that in the 1820s, 30s, 40s, and beyond, the US had — for all of its restrictions — the most radically democratic franchise in the world.

However, his most important work began in the early 1820s, when he attempted to give a combined theory of electricity and magnetism after hearing of experimental results obtained by Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted.

In his opinion, there hasn't been any innovation in museum architecture since the building of the Louvre museum on the site of the old palace in 1793 and the Altes Museum in Berlin in the 1820s, with the repurposing of buildings like Tate Modern's Bankside Power Station being "one little development" and grand architectural projects like the Guggenheim museums no more than "a footnote."

Only a feat of brilliant decipherment by Jean-François Champollion, working in the 1820s, allowed us to understand ancient Egypt again in its own terms.

Steamboats running up and down the Mississippi River through the 1820s transformed New Orleans into a major agricultural center and an immigration port, second only to New York.

Chiapas -- historically part of the Kingdom of Guatemala -- and only part of Mexico due to political issues in the 1820s has a different culture than other parts of Mexico -- is it "real" ...

The postmaster general did not explain his decision to retire at 55, although his tenure was the longest in that post since the 1820s.

Some of the United States' most enduring policies, from the Monroe Doctrine in the 1820s to the Great Society in the 1960s to the "Axis of Evil" in the 2000s, were first iterated at these addresses.

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