17 in a sentence

  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?""17.""......Why 17?""It's the answer to everything.
  • How old are you?" "17." "Dude, that sucks...
  • Chef: "The right time to start having sex is 17." Sheila: "So you mean 17 as long as you're in love?" Chef: "Nope, just 17." Gerald: "But what if you're not ready at 17?" Chef: "17, you're ready.
  • 14 year old: OMG, dude you're 17 now! You can see R rated movies and stuff! I wish I was you.17 year old: Uh, yeah I wish I was a little kid again.
  • i am 17. you're not. i'll tell you when you're older.
  • i ate 17 peices of pizza. i dropped out of high school when i was 17. dude did you see that hot girl, she looked like she was 17

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