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They make plans for Tuesday the 16th when the 16th is a Wednesday.

Sarah Schleper of Vail, Colo., was the highest U.S. finisher, in 16th, trailing Riesch by 2.99.

And perhaps one can better understand the ongoing, complex relationship between Japan and the West through Silence's examination of the imposition of cultural borders, statecraft, religious persecution, state-sanctioned torture in 16th century Japan, and Pale Flower's post-war stylization of the alienation unique to life on the outskirts of the second city in human history to watch its skies die and its people burn in a nuclear hell on earth.

As some of you know, I have an unhealthy obsession with my ancestor, Sir Nicholas White, who was a senior political figure in 16th-century Ireland until he died in the Tower of London in 1592.

Regardless, what we'll be getting on June 16th is the next installment in the Ghostbustin 'story, set two years after Ghostbusters 2 and involving you, Walter Peck and ghosts.

She is also a specialist in 16th century Turkish history and food and a re-enactment player for this same period.

She does not, for the most part, try to have her characters talk in 16th-century English.

We will also meet Agnes de la Fere who when faced with an arranged marriage to a brutal husband in 16th century France cuts the ceremony short with a dagger-stroke and flees.

October 16th is World Food Day and for the fourth year in a row, the headlines are filled with discussion of yet another food crisis.

Top American was Heather Richardson, in 16th (1: 59.56).

Du Toit says she was upset with coming in 16th place because she wanted to finish in the top five.

There are more cherubic, drunken toddlers in 16th and 17th century art than would be allowed today.

A billion dollars (in 16th century dollars!) of gold and treasure from the new world, and it destroyed Spain as a nation.

In the 2002 Winter Olympics, the USA finished in 16th place on a medals/million population basis.

This is what Munster is about, its personal players and supporters know each other first name terms, the supporters are often referred to as the 16th man ... this is what it makes this team so different to so many others in world rugby.

January 16th is National Fig Newton Day and because not everyone is a fan of the fig newton cookies of our childhood, here is a Fig Bar recipe for adults.

April 16th is National Business Helping Business Day.

April 16th, is National Business Helping Business Day.

Elsewhere, Prothero calls the 16th-century work the Shulchan Aruch (literally, "set table") the "most authoritative collection of halakha (Jewish 'law' or 'way') after the Talmud."

Well, in these difficult economic circumstances, the country's government debt as a percentage of GDP is low, and is placed at 16th, which is behind top-ranked Hong Kong, but well ahead of Switzerland (28th), Denmark (29th) and Sweden (30th).

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