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When blacks began renting in the blocks from West 133rd Street to West 135th Street in the 1910s, a group of white Harlemites proposed building a 24-foot-high fence, saying they wanted to keep out "the dark plague."

After next week's scheduled final launch of Endeavour, the final and 135th shuttle flight is set to launch in June.

Six new dog breeds are being welcomed into The 135th Westminster Dog Show.

In July, NASA's 135th space shuttle mission was successfully completed, ending the shuttle program and leaving America, for the first time since 1962, without the capacity to put a man or woman in space -- and reliant instead on private-sector initiatives.

Astronaut Chris Ferguson was the shuttle commander for this 135th and final shuttle journey.

The space shuttle Atlantis took off one last time Friday, launching into the sky on NASA's 135th and final space shuttle mission.

It was the 135th mission of the shuttle era, which was marked by dazzling achievements, such as the construction of the International Space Station, and tragic failures like the Challenger and Columbia disasters that took the lives of 14 astronauts.

Gary Hershorn/Reuters Atlantis's four-person crew is embarking on a 12-day mission, the 135th of the shuttle program, which is aimed mainly at restocking the International Space Station with spare parts and a year's worth of provisions.

The Atlantis mission will be the 135th and final flight of the 30-year-old U.S. space shuttle program, which has played a central role in the construction and operation of the ISS.

The event, from Trash to Treasure: The 135th Marine Transfer Station Community Visioning, will bring together community leaders, residents, elected officials, government officials, and businesses to develop ideas for reusing and redesigning the old abandoned sanitation facility.

The Memorial Day shooting happened at 1: 30 a.m., inside a housing complex located at 60 East 135th Street, where cops were responding to a call on shot fired.

A fourth grade boy picked up three lancets near Harlem Hospital near 135th Street and Lenox Avenue on his way to school.

The NAC is located on Convent Avenue between 135th St. and 138th St. Breakfast, lunch, translation, and childcare will be provided.

The Memorial Day shooting happened at 1: 30 a.m., inside a housing complex located at 60 East 135th Street, where cops were responding to a call on shot [...]

“Here comes an ice cream truck,” says Jerry Joseph standing somewhere near 135th Street in Harlem, not far from his home.

The 135th and final space shuttle mission is due to begin with the launch of Atlantis from Florida at 16:26 BST on Friday.

But Marco Bermudez says he is optimistic that he, along with his wife and three sons, will find somewhere to watch the 135th and final shuttle liftoff.

This upcoming liftoff will be the 135th and final space shuttle launch, and the 33rd flight of Atlantis.

Calvin Borel's Triple Crown prediction notwithstanding, horse racing connections were busy Monday lining up for a shot at Super Saver in the 135th Preakness Stakes.

Set back from 135th Street between Lenox and Fifth avenues and in the shadow of Harlem Hospital Center, the courts are cracked, scarred and corroded.

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