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It is often referred to as the 0th Law of Thermodynamics that states that thermal energy flows down a gradient.

Though mine doesn't usually wait 'til I get to the copyediting stage (so spoken by a new author who hasn't gotten to the copyediting stage, ever) -- I usually feel it about 24 hours after I finish a 0th draft.

You will notice that 75 subjects completed the 0th trial, but only 70 completed the 7th and final trial.

Too bad the 0th applies both retrospectively as well as prospectively.

Doing an Orwellian rewrite of what the words and the passages meant in order to shoehorn 0th century Judeo-Grecian thinking into 21st century American sexual egalitarianism, on the other hand, is just plain silly.

In that case, do you take the overlap period for just the 0th series and the 2nd series, or the period of overlap between the 0th series and the combination of series 1 and series 2?

The surface has barely been scratched; we are still in the 0th wave.

At the 0th stage, each An is outside the hypothesized extension of T.

Even though she was "on" the weight-by-height curve, her 0th percentile rank on the weight-by-age chart indicated big problems to him.

International Human Rights ay on the 0th December 2001.

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