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Speaking about the 1995 shutdown when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, Fineman stated, "Newt Gingrich as you recall vastly overplayed his hand....it was all about Newt."

The way guys interact with each other, the spirit of the team is a little bit different than the way it was in LA....it seems like everybody blends in really well here, Martin said.

“I thought you were absolutely right . . .it does remind me of Thunderdome.”

Any final doubts that Entipy and I shared the same father were washed away in that instant, because of course,of course . . .it was too perfect.

The one I surprised, it was. . .it was eating a human.

We've had this problem over and over again with my sister, amongst many other problems with special needs services provision....it seems like those who can't fight these decisions have nowhere to turn for recompense, despite the fact they and their families have done nothing to deserve such treatment...

The purpose of the blog was not to make anyone feel sorry for Skilling....it was...

Sa ­me guy who said he had a higher clearance then the president? and they let this guy in office? where are the line's and law's drawn that let this happen..it ­s unreal that people believe in their lie's

Fabregas, who missed Sunday's showpiece at Wembley through injury, says Arsenal fans should not dwell on defeat and said on Twitter: All i can say is sorry to the fans..it hurts alot i know but we must all stick together, still in 3 other comps!

Period....it's a proven fact that is what has happened.

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