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Sentence with the word .45-caliber

The lessons he thought he learned from watching swinging corpses and death throes in the stockyard led him to design the Thompson gun as a .45-caliber weapon.

The Thompson gun was less than thirty-four inches long, weighed ten and a half pounds, and fired fat .45-caliber pistol rounds.

Nick had drawn his duty weapon, an H&K .45-caliber pistol, and he put on the speed now, moving alongside Catherine and then slightly in front.

He knew their ears were ringing from the blast of the powerful .45-caliber Kimber so he shouted in Arabic, “Which one of you wants to go to hell next?”

The handles of his two .45-caliber pistols bulged beneath his biceps.

Urda nodded and handed over one of his Kimber .45-caliber pistols.

He opened the case and began to unload its contents on the table: a .45-caliber handgun, duct tape, a watch, a screwdriver, wire cutters, a piece of wooden two-by-four, a crowbar, and a small pouch filled with marbles.

Next to the chain was a Bible and .45-caliber bullet.

Inside Blair House, the moment Agent Stout heard the first shots he ran to the gun cabinet and grabbed a Thompson .45-caliber submachine gun.

A twenty-seven-year-old woman who was a follower of convicted murderer Charles Manson had tried to assassinate President Ford with a .45-caliber automatic as he shook hands with spectators near the state capitol in Sacramento, California.

The battle extended to an area three miles by six miles, and soon turned into a series of single combats, in which the Rangers with reloadable .45-caliber six-shooters and breech-loading carbines held an enormous advantage of the bow-and-lance-wielding Comanches.

My guess is that they were shot with .45-caliber dumdums, probably from a grease gun.

He adjusted the .45-caliber Glock on his right hip and took note of the people and cars across the street at the tire store.

Karim drew his .45-caliber Glock from his waistband.

He grabbed the silencer for the 9mm, threw it in his right front pocket, and then grabbed the .45-caliber Glock 21, in case he needed a little more punch.

His .45-caliber pistol was in a holster on his right hip.

A Marine in fresh khaki, with a .45-caliber pistol on his hip, stood by the door, which was closed and dogged.

Dazed and blinded by the grenade, Schmid still managed to pull out his .45-caliber pistol, according to Butterfield, who wrote the following narrative.

Named for Samuel Colt, it designates a make of handgun: a Colt .45-caliber revolver.

A pistol using cartridges held in revolving chambers: a .45-caliber revolver.

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