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Once inside, according to testimony during the trial, Portillo, armed with a .38-caliber gun, and Angela Hernandez ordered Virginia Spevak to find items for them to steal.

Once inside, according to testimony during the trial, Portillo, armed with a .38-caliber gun, and Angela Hernandez ordered Virginia Spevak, a retired teacher, to find items for them to steal.

As for previous homicides in the area, in 1989, about six blocks north of the yoga store, a gunman described as a disgruntled employee of Chevy Chase Federal Savings Bank opened fire with a .38-caliber revolver in a seventh-floor bank office, killing three co-workers and shooting a fourth in the face before killing himself, officials said at the time.

As always, the shirt was untucked to conceal the .38-caliber revolver he carried in a belt holster at the small of his back.

At the post outside the door to the Oval Office, Special Agent Jerry Blaine stood with his shoulders back, his ears tuned to pick up the slightest disruption, while subconsciously his elbow pressed loosely on the handle of the snubnose .38-caliber revolver strapped to his hip.

Tonight, along with the .38-caliber revolver each agent always carried, every security post would be armed with a Thompson submachine gun.

I handed him my backup .38-caliber snub-nose revolver.

In one hand he held a brown paper bag, which concealed the .38-caliber revolver he held in the other hand.

Unable to pay his debts, the poor man had taken a long-barreled .38-caliber revolver and blown his brains out.

Given that I was also packing a 9mm Smith & Wesson in the small of my back, a .25-caliber Baretta in one of my inside breast pockets, and a .38-caliber snub-nosed revolver in one of my outside coat pockets, I felt secure.

Like when I put my .38-caliber revolver to my head, cocked back the hammer, and started to squeeze the trigger.

But as he slipped through the window, landing in the alley, he found himself alone looking down the barrel of a police-issue .38-caliber semiautomatic.

Tío Angel had parked in the approximate area where lovers might have parked; where Santos was bending over, burning a match for light, his head buried in the Pontiac trunk to retrieve the .38-caliber ammunition for the .357 Magnum revolver he had hidden under the spare tire.

He had shoved his .38-caliber stub-nosed handgun in the back pocket of his trousers, and every time he bent down Turtle noticed the outline of the cuete even as the cars sped by between them.

In his opinion, Guy had been shot from a distance of two to three feet, had been knocked to the ground by the force of the .38-caliber bullet, which Dr. Sandulli likened to a concussion grenade.

Its decks were dotted with sixteen 5-inch .38-caliber guns, four quadruple 1.1-inch gun mounts, and eight 21-inch surface torpedo tubes.

ON JANUARY 4, the eleventh day of Christmas, eleven .38-caliber Colt Detective Specials were delivered to the squadroom.

From September 2009 to July 31 of last year alone, the Mexican government seized more than 32,000 illegal weapons, even though purchasing guns in Mexico requires permission from the country's defense department, and even then buyers are limited to pistols of .38-caliber or less.

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