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An hour and a half of stand-up and about 40 minutes of my sh---y band, he says.

Sorry, with its -y suffix—meaning “full of” but also used to form pet names—seems more colloquial than regret.

"Let's bring these people to Radio Sh---y Music Hall tomorrow night and have a f---ing party," Sheen declared at his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour in

Al Green -y organ fills and the way Hamilton sings against the snap of the drums, as though the music all around him was a voice telling him what he doesn't want to hear: that the writing is on the wall, that the love affair is over.

Truly I can, not all the time, but I can take joy at really sh---y situations.

If you've been doing more and more browsing on your phone, then you've likely become used to having almost no "chrome," far more visual tab management, and a more immersive, less "desktop"-y, more manual browsing experience.

Walking into Sonar to escape the late-afternoon heat, Pulling Teeth at first felt like a comforting throwback - the kind of late-'90s Converge -y metallic hardcore that popped up a lot in my high-school years.

"Anything that lived a sh---y life isn't going to give you as many nutrients as something that lived off the land and wasn't given antibiotics."

The rest of them are a somehow less creative form of hockey nicknames, which are generally just variants of the person's last name ending in -s, -ie -y or -er.

I know hockey coaches love to add a -y to the end of players' names, so I figured maybe he was referring to some player named Hinkshaw that i didn't know.

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