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The home is for "an ultraprofessional who wants to live in the coolest apartment in Brooklyn," Mr. Lynskey said, adding that he could see a Derek Jeter -type particularly liking the place.

Dissolute scions hidden in villas, nymphomaniac wives, a feral child, killers, schemers, louche scamps, virtual saints and "Da Vinci Code"-type plotters—these and dozens more cross Zen's path and test his ability to stay true to his moral values.

"The King's Speech" is a heartwarming, "Masterpiece Theatre"-type affair about King George VI, who conquered a serious speech impediment and, with the able assistance of a saucy Aussie therapist, taught himself to address his countrymen in public during their finest hour.

Shifrin recommends that parents who want to use baby videos:Pre-watch a video to make sure it goes at a slow, deliberate, "Mr. Rogers"-type pace.

During their reunion, which, contrary to what my friend's married friends might think, was not "hanging-from-the-chandelier"-type reuniting, but just a regular girl-on-top reunion, my friend's lower back suddenly seized up.

Viewers objected to this ad which featured cute cartoon animals, cheery music and a "Pied Piper"-type figure.

Last winter, by chance, I found myself travelling to Australia with Viv Richards, who was on his way to do some "King and I"-type gigs with Rodney Hogg, the former Australian fast bowler.

Associated Press Only 33% of 21- to 64-year-olds had 401(k)s in 2009. 401(k) Growth Stalls The stock market's wild swings and economic turbulence have stalled growth in the percentage of workers who participate in 401(k)-type plans, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Maybe it was the fact that she generally avoided social issues; or because she laid on thick the Steve Jobs references and all the "innovation"-type buzz words San Franciscans love to use to describe their city.

Architecture, history, landscaping, personal memories, "see every whatever in the city"-type scavenger hunts, the desire to visit the site where a movie or TV show was filmed...

On Broadway, songwriters Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman ("Hairspray") have teamed up with playwright Terrence McNally ("Master Class," "Ragtime") to turn the film into a slicked-up confection whose animating conceit is sickeningly coy: ­Abagnale-the-character tells his tale in the form of a "Liza With a Z"-type TV special.

I'm interested in massed guitar things .. and we're both interested in system music, Steve Reich -type of music.

This in turn produced a liberal theological reaction where in some Christian quarters a "Jeffersonian"-type de-supernaturalizing of Jesus was in full swing.

A team of researchers put 68 young-adult runners on a treadmill and had them run shoeless as well as in “stability”-type running shoes.

So I got a job with a "Welcome Wagon"-type company that advertised local businesses to new residents.

“All the boring Joy of Sex -type sex in hell and all the good naughty sex in heaven,” he offered.

I was trying to tread water without making any splashing or “hurt animal”-type movements that would attract a crocodile.

While excellent in principle, in the past such tethered artificial gravity systems were generally frowned upon because in traditional “Battlestar Galactica”-type spacecraft designs, the only thing massive enough to serve as a useful counterweight on the other end of the tether from one functional part of the spacecraft would be another functional part of the spacecraft.

Later, he helped lead a "Lewis and Clark"-type expedition through the entire 51 miles of the L.A. River "to demonstrate that it was navigable so that it could then be protected under the Clean Water Act, which was in jeopardy at the time."

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