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If they cut the number of international students by 25%, it will be much more serious than that -some universities may close their doors, or at least close entire deprtments.

With prizes like that a lot of folks took their chances---some could sing and some clearly couldn't.

Call me old fashioned, but judges typically do not let 2-year-old twins return to a house where the dad is having a 2 ½ -some.

There are real stories -some of which Hollywood turned into movies- where a bully in a small town beat and abused people for years, and he had gotten away with a slap in the wrist from the local authorities.

As Wedes walked from the stage Saturday hundreds of people gave him a standing ovation -some with tears in their eyes.

It is a reminder that many if not all of the issues that Dr. King wanted to address are still with us---some greater in scope than he could have imagined--and a call to keep carrying forward his vision for equity and social justice in our land.

In a recent survey, the Science nd Technology Facilities Council STFC found that although most students choose to do a PhD because of their interest in a subject, the careers open to them afterwards can contribute to the UK's knowledge economy in many ways -some of them quite unexpected.

But now - just hours before the first government shutdown in 15 years -some of the most vocal conservatives are urging Republicans to reach a deal before a shutdown occurs.

Hundreds of cars -some exotic and rare- are on display at the Seattle Auto Show through Sunday, November 6th.

-some relatively insignificant event will occur that will cause investor sentiment to slowly begin to change, and BofA's valuation will at last start to edge higher.

appeared to have come from Tuscaloosa -some 60 miles away.

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