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Sentence with the word -or

Nobody is surprised -or bothered- to see Robert De Niro or Al Pacino on the cover of a magazine.

Maybe from the developing world we can redefine -or even improve- the concept of development.

I figure these days moms--and dads--need to grab a break whenever they can, whether on a business trip or traveling with the kids and there's nothing like a spa -or a stay in a hotel where you are pampered from check in to check out--to accomplish that goal.

After the initial titillation of getting away with something so devious in the name of vengeance, it is likely that I -or anyone for that matter- would be spending the next few weeks peeking out the window to see if the cops had shown up yet.

She might get picked on in school a lot by the other kids -or even worse: poked.

Bond prices are so robust that in April, 70% of outstanding investment-grade corporate bonds traded above par—-or face value—compared with 61% in April last year, according to MarketAxess data.

Mr. Atwood was skeptical that one bank could provide the best "execution"-or trades at the best available prices-70% of the time.

Polls offer only modest help in understanding consumer concerns and habits—-or which companies are doing the most “social good.”

Were they real diamonds, rubies, emeralds—-or fakes?

When millions of people can't get the care they need to maintain their health - and the health of their children -or manage to afford critical, life saving care, is it conceivable that they might just find themselves in a situation a little more serious than having to pass up tickets to the All-Star game?

The Target team, whether it's [team manager] Barry Wanser or [race engineer] Chris Simmons -or Chip [Ganassi], especially - or any person that's not only on my car but Scott's car and Scott himself - these guys want to win every bit as badly as I do.

It's still unclear why liberals demurred for so long, but it was likely due to their concern about potentially undermining the President they supported by going "off-message"-or their misplaced tactical view that they shouldn't risk derailing the insider legislative efforts for health reform, jobs programs or Wall Street reform.

At Pomona College in California, Associate Director of Admission Malisha Richardson says that although their literature states that interviews are "highly recommended" there is an expectation that if you live in Southern California, you better get to campus -or at least show strong evidence that you tried.

Thus, it wasn't Amazon -or Amazon alone-that sank Borders.

A few moments of research would have shown that this phony study was indeed phony -or at least suspect, yet every news source covered it without question.

Write-Host "Please enter the list or doc library in the format of /testlist" $list = Read-Host if(($subdec -eq "Y") -or ($subdec -eq "y"))

The big story at Sundance this year was Kevin Smith's announcement of the dawn of "Indie 2.0"-or at least it was if you ask Kevin Smith.

They can demand that foreign companies that want to do business in China must first share their technology -or, the Chinese can simply steal it, largely through cyber means.

jessor, gregor, danor, faggor, etc. . .

water to WATOR or runner to RUNNOR

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