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Sentence with the word -long

The nearly 2-meter (6.5-foot) -long robots are programmed to drift 1,000 yards (meters) for 10 days, then fall 1.5 miles (2-kilometers) into the ocean to collect data before ascending to the surface and transmitting information to satellites.

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje said he and other officials discovered the 230-foot 70-meter -long fissure on a mountain slope above Kingking village during an aerial survey.

The coast guard says the vessel is about 26-feet 8-meters -long and marked with Korean characters.

Print Big fossil croc may have competed with giant snake The ancient environment seems to have been dominated by reptiles The fossilised remains of 6m 20ft -long extinct crocodile relatives have been discovered in a mine in Colombia.

Thieves look particularly hard for "remy hair"-long strands with the cuticle layer undamaged.

Crews in dinghies were touching the hull with their hands, near the site of the 160-foot 50-meter -long gash where water flooded in and caused the ship to fall on its side.

That two-foot 0.6m -long rupture resulted from high pressures that built up when BP allowed the contents of the pipeline to freeze, ignoring warnings evident for months and the recommendation of its own experts, prosecutors have alleged.

A mile kilometer -long line of Indians and foreigners queued for hours in the blistering afternoon sunshine Tuesday for their chance to circle past the glass coffin of Indian spiritual guru Sathya Sai Baba and pay their respects.

A government statement released Thursday outlines a blueprint for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for the Three Gorges, a scenic section of the Yangtze River that was dammed to create a 410-mile 660-kilometer -long reservoir.

It says rescue workers managed to dig a 65-foot 20-meter -long emergency evacuation passage by Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to reach the trapped men.

That discovery came seven months after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) helped capture a 100-ft.-long (30 m) diesel-powered sub along a river tributary to the Pacific south of the Colombian border in Ecuador.

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Conservationists say they got a rare glimpse of a 6-foot 2-meter -long leatherback - the world's most endangered sea turtle - together with dozens of eggs in western Indonesia.

The 94-foot (29-meter) -long, 23-foot (7-meter) -wide vessel was equipped to carry 30 passengers, including 20 people in its 10 cabins.

Today's young American men -long assumed to be our primary source for entrepreneurial talent- are, according to Hymowitz, puerile and shallow; clearly not the "stuff" we want in folks expected to initiate change.

In recent months, Mr. Saleh -long criticized as unreliable in his fight against al-Qaeda - has given U.S. counterterrorism units a far freer hand to act in his country, U.S. and Yemeni officials say.

The vessel is about 26-feet 8-meters -long and marked with Korean characters, said Daisuke Takahashi, a spokesman with the Japan Coast Guard.

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  • Sentence for "-long"
    • The nearly 2-meter (6.5-foot) -long robots…
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  • Synonym for "-long"
    • protracted, extended, lingering, far-reaching, extensive
  • Antonym for "-long"
    • short, brief
  • Verb Forms for "-long"
    • longed, longing, longs
  • Rhyme for "-long"
    • Guangdong, Hmong, Jong, Kong, Pong
  • Cross Reference for "-long"
    • of stocks, long particular meter, long-distance telephone, to draw the long bow, as broad as long
  • Equivalent for "-long"
    • prolonged, long-staple, long-handled, long-wool, extended
  • Form for "-long"
    • longhand, as the day is long, long arm of the law
  • Same Context for "-long"
    • small, thin, short, slow, disrup
  • Variant for "-long"
    • short
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