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Like most words that end in "-ism," multiculturalism as a policy divided people instead of building connections.

But I had started to tell you about the company you had in rolling your eyes at the discovery of still another -ism, and one that perhaps seems utterly trivial, to boot.

It would be easy to wonder: is this what modern "moll"-ism looks like – cancelling Facebook, stopping Tweeting, stifling the modern confessional urge, to stand by your man, even if he isn't your man any more?

The slightly older faith tradition of Rastafari whose adherents prefer not to be referred to with "-ism" apparently crosses the line of what's protected under religious freedom.

Today's Republicans extol the virtues of freedom, as they simultaneously and occasionally promote "there ought to be a law"-ism.

Then adventuring became an -ism and lost even more respect.

These include prefixes, such as pre- or auto-, and suffixes, such as -ing, -tion, and -ism, that are meaningless on their own.

There is a rule about customers—an unwritten rule; unwritten because if it was ever committed to paper every lawyer in the country would spend their entire career successfully suing car dealerships for ageism, racism, sexism, fatism, and any other kind of -ism you care to mention.

Of Life's Too Short, he says, "I must admit I was excited by the fact that we owned the -ism."

Racisim, Sexism, or any -ism for that matter in this day and age, makes me just a little ashamed to be an american.

He had become friends in Paris with André Breton, finding his once longed-for -ism.

Miró was, above all, desperate, in the spirit of the moment, to be part of an -ism, or, better, to create one.

Latest post on the Joe Public blog: Michelle Mitchell says ageism should be as unacceptable as racism and sexism Sexism, ageism, speciesism: To fight one -ism, must we embrace others?

They believe in the end of the world—they believe so thoroughly that computers on this world are programmed to reset their calendars to zero at the cycle’s end, there’s no way of even expressing in their language very easily the idea of a straight timeline—so this end-of-the-world fever sets in, a cross between fatalism and “what-the-hell”-ism.

President Bush mispronounces so many of his words that they are now referred to as Bush-ism's...

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