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From HBO-land: Game of Thrones' "imp"-ish Peter Dinklage is an obvious choice, ditto Boardwalk's fiery Kelly Macdonald, but I'm surprised Michael Shannon, as Boardwalk's twisted Prohibition agent, wasn't recognized.

It was clear from his Arabic that he was from the south—he used suffixes like -ish, the syntax and accent we knew from Umm Hassane.

I am organized (-ish); I am good at making decisions (unless it comes to restaurant choices); and, like most beneficiaries of a liberal arts education, I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want and how I feel.

We just kind of came up with the concept loosely around a paradise kind of a vibe because that's what they wanted--they wanted a song that was "Almost Paradise"-ish, but not necessarily a duet.

After digesting tons of spiritual books and attending myriad workshops, then experimenting with what works for me, I've created my own "Reader's Digest"-ish shortcut to daily bliss.

Certainly not as much as the rest of Calle Ocho has changed since all those Cubans came over after the revolution, all those wrongedhidalgos who owned all thoseGone with the Wind -ish plantations where they were nice to their workers, and look what it got them: nothing but thathijo de puta Marxist and exile in the land of Mickey Mouse andlos hermanos Bush.

In forming an adjective, -esque strikes me as a more elegant suffix than -ish, as in enronish or the less critical enronlike.

And so now you're going to have the amortization for the programming costs, or cost of revenues grow roughly in line with our cash spend, which is going to be in the 7% to 8%-ish range is where our cash spend has been in content.

So at this point, you're at a much more now normalized moving into the fourth quarter going forward, and that will be that kind of the high -- that 7% to 8%-ish growth rate of cost of reps.

We will see -- and this is all of the semi, probably 30%-ish in logic, and probably 20% in memory.

My head full of Boy's Own adventure stories, I left clutching a pot of the hardy -ish giant African busy lizzie, Impatiens tinctoria, from Cherangani, Kenya, with scented white, red-blotched flowers, and headed for the Highlands.

The script, although rewritten, was initially drafted by Rod Serling and retains Serling's "Twilight Zone"-ish ending.

If I look at your year end -- full year estimate for margin, it sure feels like it's 15%-ish for the second half.

Fortunately, after digesting tons of spiritual books and attending myriad workshops, then experimenting with what works for me, I've created my own "Reader's Digest"-ish shortcut to daily bliss.

"Made in Dagenham" R: A "Norma Rae"-ish tale of working women triumphing over injustice in 1968 England, with Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins.

But in general, big picture, it would be in the 0.35%, 0.4%-ish adjustment to a portfolio when you go from EBITDAR to EBITDARM on a kind of averaging kind of basis.

The nearest Metro station is named after Alexandre Dumas, and there's something "Three Musketeers"-ish about the team inside too: JR; one right-hand man, Emile Abinal; and the other, their "philosopher and guru," Marco Berrebi, were winding down from a poster-pasting trip to Shanghai and preparing for a press conference about the positive aftereffects of their portraits in the Middle East.

Around 20% in '09, call it 40% in '10, year-to-date so far this year, 12%, 13% by the end of the year, 30%-ish we think 8%, %, 10% of stimulus going into next year, and I think that's the best way to track that.

I think, as you know, we had a 3%-ish volume increase in the second quarter.

Milch is famous for his aggressively stylized, arcane dialogue, and the scripts overflow with faintly "Guys and Dolls"-ish exchanges, which lean heavily on constructions like "How long my time in Siberia?" and "No icing error, this."

1.) Lets meet around 9-ish 2.) ...Ish?

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